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Delivering to you the world's highest quality revenue management,
branding and marketing support.

Add Some Flavor is your premier source for consulting services! We work closely with you and your team to cook up and implement a plan to spice up your business' profits! At Add Some Flavor, we offer a full menu of services including but not limited to, revenue management support, branding & rebranding of your business, and creating new marketing strategies to spark up some attention!

Call today to speak with one of our consultants and discuss ways to spice up your revenues and take your business to the next level!

Branding & Marketing Consulting

Social Media Integration & Management
Online Review & Content Management
Offline Marketing
Online Branding & Photography
Sales Strategies, Training & Coaching
Trade Show & Event Management
Mystery Shoppers
Group Sales Support


Management Consulting

Add Some Flavor Consultants bring an extensive and solid business know-how to solve your every needs. Businesses are constantly growing, rapidly changing and our Management Consultants deliver to you new and creative management practices that fit today's management strategies.

Imagine the ability to bring on an experienced and knowledgeable Revenue Manager at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time on-site Revenue Manager. Our Revenue Managers serve as an enhancement to the management team and work to increase overall room sales and act as your entire revenue management team. By hiring a Revenue Manager Consultant, you eliminate the costly expense of hiring an on-site Revenue Manager and work with our consultants to grow and develop your revenue further.

At Add Some Flavor, our Management Consultants customize and develop analysis tools that not only monitor your business trends, but also that of your competitors. Our Management Consultants generate unique strategies that cater to your business needs, gather data and ensure your rates are optimized to dominate supply and demand.

Branding & Marketing

Businesses are continuously changing and our consultants are here to help you Add Some Flavor to your business marketing! Add Some Flavor consultants will work directly with you and your team to create a branding & marketing plan specific to cater to your needs!

With a competitive analysis report, you will receive a benchmark study of your local sales competition. Find out where the unique opportunities exist in your market, which businesses are your competitive set and what you can do to dish up more business. Add Some Flavor consultants will research your target market to determine the best marketing strategies to reach new clients and boost sales.

Our consultants will create a marketing plan that will spice up all of your business advertising and outreach efforts. The marketing plan we create will take into account all relevant factors such as budget, competition and your business' target audience. Trade shows offer a unique opportunity to network and create valuable new contacts and Add Some Flavor consultants will not only provide you with the ingredients to run your own booth at a trade show, but we also provide the option of having our consultants represent you and your team.

Increasing revenue and customer retention of vital importance and is the responsibility of each and every employee. Add Some Flavor consultants will train and coach your entire staff on sales strategies and customer service, while upholding the integrity of the business and brand standards. Online guest reviews can make or break your business and our team of consultants will work with you and your team on ways to directly manage your online reputation by proactively addressing guest reviews and resolving any areas of concern.


Data Collection

Collect and store historical data for inventory, prices, demand, and other causal factors.



Review collected data and analyze all booking trends and development purposes to reveal consumer behavioral patterns.



Create & implement strategic plan for business with market segmentation based upon customer behavior and forecast demand.



Evaluate multiple options on how to generate more reservations by optimizing prices, total sales and contribution margins,.

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